'Email Expert' কোর্সের স্যাম্পল কন্টেন্ট

আপনি যেন কোর্স কেনার আগে এর কন্টেন্ট কোয়ালিটি যাচাই করতে পারেন, তার জন্য কোর্সটির ১২টি ভিডিও ও ৯টি মডিউল ইন্ট্রো ফ্রিতে দেখে নিন।

Module 1: Basic English for Email Writing

Module 1 Overview

Topic 1. 10 Common Sentences for Every Day Email

Topic 2. 50 Common Words You'll Need for Email Writing

Topic 5. Greetings and Ending Sentences for a Better Impression

Module 2: Email Writing Fundamentals for Higher Effectiveness

Module 2 Overview

Topic 4. How to Write a Short and Effective Subject Line

Topic 7. Right & Wrong Use of Punctuation Marks

Topic 9. How to Easily Print an Email

Module 3: Email Writing for Higher Persuasion

Module 3 Overview

Topic 8. How to Handle Mistakes after You've Sent the Email

Module 4: Email Productivity Hacks

Module 4 Overview

Topic 2. How to Put in Auto-signature

Topic 7. Outlook Special Options for Boosting Productivity

Topic 15. Importing Contacts from One Email to Another

Module 5: Email Search Hacks

Module 5 Overview

Module 6: Email Types per Industry & Departments

Module 6 Overview

Module 7: Scholarship Email (Bonus: SOP Writing Techniques)

Module 7 Overview

Module 8: Email Security

Module 8 Overview

Topic 5. What to Do If Your Email Account Is Hacked

Module 9: Master the 5 Emails You Must Need

Module 9 Overview

Topic 2. Asking for Leave

হয়ে উঠুন ইমেইল রাইটিংয়ে এক্সপার্ট!

Course Instructor

Managing Director & CEO at Smartifier Training & Consultation
Md. Sohan Haidear is a Licensed NLP Practitioner and Soft Skills Trainer. He is the founder and CEO of Smartifier Training & Consultation. Smartifier focuses on boosting people’s meta learning skills, particularly storytelling and productivity. So far more than 5000 young professionals and students have been trained by Smartifier T&C. It was one of the winners of Cohort 2 of BYLC Ventures.

An avid learner, Mr. Sohan finished his MBA from IBA, University of Dhaka. He has also studied practical film making from the University of West London and BBA from North South University. He has completed 34 online courses and created more
than 300 educational videos for different platforms. He started his career in the digital marketing field and has worked in the leading national English daily, The Daily Star. He also collaborates with 10 Minute School & Finding Bangladesh.Within two years of working as a full-time employee in the field of Digital Marketing, he had won 2 South Asian Digital Media Awards along with his team at The Daily Star. Besides being a trainer,Mr. Sohan is also an author, filmmaker, and singer.

In the wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution, he realized the vital importance of developing the soft skillsof today’s youth. That is why he started his company, Smartifier Training & Consultation, so that we candevelop our skills faster and achieve our dreams.
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