Job Nature

Part-Time (25 Hours/Week)

Monthly Salary

BDT 20k to 30k

Job Location

Remote Work

Job Title

Mentor, Digital Marketing


With 80,000+ students and 50+ courses, Bohubrihi is country’s leading eLearning platform for professional online courses, career-track programs and corporate eLearning services.

Recently we have launched a new variation of online courses that we call ‘Career Tracks’. The goal for our Digital Marketing Career Track is to onboard learners from any stage of their learning journey and prepare them as qualified resources in the market so that they can kickstart their Digital Marketing career.

One of the reasons that make Career Tracks different from regular online courses is the extent of Support and Interactions students get from our in-house Mentors. In order to ensure that Support for our students of Digital Marketing Career Track, we’re looking for a Mentor.

Key Responsibilities

  • Respond to the queries through discussion forums on our website. The responses should be well thought, detailed and relevant, conveyed in a friendly manner. 
  • Review and provide feedback on the assignments submitted by the students .
  • Continuously work to improve the courses, suggest improvements and create additional materials, quizzes & practice questions as necessary.
  • Conduct biweekly live sessions to engage with the students and community.
  • Maintain, moderate and grow this Facebook Group.
  • The video content of the courses are already created; as a Mentor your job is to support the students in their learning journey.


  • Solid understanding of the topics covered in our Career Track (see syllabus)
  • Minimum 2 years of professional working experience in Digital Marketing space 
  • Empathy for students and student-first mindset
  • Good communication skills (written & verbal)

Why you should apply -

  • You directly contribute back to the community; help thousands of learners avoid misguidance and reach their goals.
  • Additional income, flexible hours, remote work.
  • In a few months, we may offer a full-time position as a mentor/subject matter expert. Read how Simanta Paul followed a similar path.

Application Process

Please send the following things at

      1. Updated Resume
      2. Cover letter (mention why you want to contribute, what builds your credibility as a Mentor, previous teaching experiences if any, etc.)

Please keep ‘Mentor: Digital Marketing’ as your email subject line.

Emails without resume and proper cover letter will be ignored.