Become a campus affiliate

Take this chance to help your community by introducing them with the right resources, training programs & initiatives offered by Bohubrihi (and earn money by doing so). Our highly rewarding CA program requires you to work closely with our affiliate team – every week, for 6 months!

Deadline: 20th September

Bohubrihi Campus Affiliate Program

Campus Affiliate is a combination of two roles: Campus Ambassador & Affiliate Partner. As an ambassador, you’ll represent Bohubrihi at your campus. As an affiliate, you’ll inspire more people to purchase Bohubrihi’s products and earn commission from the sales you make.


  1. Apply here and get selected:
  2. Get trained as a Campus Affiliate and learn Affiliate Marketing
  3. Promote our products (courses, career tracks) and encourage more people to purchase
  4. The more sales you generate, the more you earn

eligibility criteria to become an ambassador

  • 3rd or 4th-year student of any university/institute
  • Serious willingness to earn money from the affiliate program
  • Strong communication & leadership skills
  • Having a strong network in the campus (among students, faculty & staff) 
  • Smart thinker, outgoing and comfortable in expressing opinions
  • 6 month long commitment to the affiliate program
  • Active involvement with co-curricular activities. Students having serious involvement with university clubs & organizations are encouraged to apply

Your benefits as an ambassador

  • Our affiliates get 20% commission from each sale made. e.g. if someone you referred purchase a course at BDT 2000, you’ll earn BDT 400 from that purchase.
  • Each month you will get free access to one premium online course of your choice: 6 premium courses in 6 months, including a special career-readiness course on Digital Marketing.
  • We will feature you on our social media channels.
  • There will be recognition for top performers from social media channels every month.
  • You will receive priority for internship or campus recruitment of any kind.
  • Certificate on successful completion of the program.
  • An empowering network with industry leaders (trainers, professionals) and aspiring youth.
  • Best performing affiliates may join the team in larger capacity

Your Responsibilities

  • You will be the face of Bohubrihi on your campus. When needed, you will approach students, staff & faculties representing the company.
  • You will take necessary actions to partner with different university clubs/organizations on behalf of the company, and maintain those partnerships.
  • You will work to raise awareness about different online courses of Bohubrihi and help your peers enroll. It includes sharing news, opportunities & programs with your network and in different university groups; referring people to our courses and earning commission from the sales you make.
  • You will execute campaigns and organize events (online and offline seminars, contests, etc.) to promote Bohubrihi in your campus and community.
  • We will arrange monthly affiliate meetings. You must participate in these meetings, meet your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and be transparent in the communication.