Professional Bangla Online Course on Docker

Learn Docker, Hands-On!

Be able to build, test, and deploy applications with Docker. In this comprehensive course you will also learn about production grade development workflows of real-life projects.
The full course will be published in September, 2020.

What will you learn from this course?

In this course, you will –
  1. learn Docker from zero
  2. master the Docker CLI
  3. learn about how to deploy multiple services with Docker
  4. build a CI/CD pipeline from scratch with Github, Travis CI, and AWS
Docker Bangla Course Instructor - Nayeem Reza - Bohubrihi

Video Duration

Approx. 20 hours






MD Nayeem Reza

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Who is this course for?

Software Developers


At least 1 year of experience in developing web applications in production.


A machine (laptop/desktop) with stable internet connection

Course Instructor

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